Massage to young adults

Yesterday, after working a lot I decided to go home early in the evening. I didn’t wait even to take a supper, as my mind was completely tired. I got on bed as soon as reached home.

When was I was sleeping, I heard God calling me audibly so I woke up. When I checked my time, it was 11:30pm. Suddenly, I felt the urge to pray so I left the bedroom to the parlour and started praying. 

All of a sudden, my eyes opened and I was in another realm. I saw an array of ladies both young and old, very beautiful, coming from the sea side. And I asked God; Who are these? And He said, “These are Marine spirits that have been commissioned by the devil to drag many to the kingdom of darkness. His time is almost up and he has vowed to cause many to fall” I asked, why women? He responded, “they are not really women but are evil spirits that have taken a feminine form.”
So I asked; what is their mission and he said, See! All of a sudden I saw, people having sex. What amazed me was that some were having sex by the wayside, some in bushes, some on Beaches, some in offices and in open places. So, I asked why?  And he said “these are sent to spread lust and cause many to fall into the sin of fornication.“He said, “very soon, fornication will be legalized.”
“The spirits are meant to befriend many young ladies, show them care and eventually initiate them to be used by the enemy.” I saw many young ladies.

Unsuspecting ladies being initiated and as soon as they were initiated, they had an insatiable desire for sex. 

I also saw Sugar mummies luring young men with money and cars. Right after sleeping with them, they are gone. 

I saw new dresses being introduced
Dresses that expose all parts of the body. In fact, I saw a very fair lady that was almost naked. About 3 quarter of her breast was exposed and the dress she wore was very transparent that one could virtually see her nakedness. Then I saw many people buying these dresses; skimpy short skirts and transparent leggings and blouses that expose the cleavage. Bleaching of the skin was on the rise. I saw them pouring potions on the eye to lure men with their eyes. 
“Tell the church to watch”, He said. “They will try to enter the church, target pastors and members,  especially from choirs.” I saw members of the church being possessed and sleeping with each other. Amazingly, I saw two ladies in a particular choir that were lesbians.

 Then I saw men of God sleeping with members. Some slept with members before they mounted pulpits. 

I saw that pastors are battling within because there is not just a crack but an opening on the wall. Satan has entered their lives. Some were caught in the web of pornography and masturbation. In fact, I saw a particular pastor watching pornography and masturbating in his room. To him the room was locked and he thought no one was seeing him but I saw that the wall to his room facing the public was broken and people were watching him without his knowledge. And God said to me “Whatever is being done in secret is already open.”

I also saw women becoming unsubmissive and disrespectful to their husbands and  this act frustrated husbands to fall prey to these spirits when they left home.

I saw many being manipulated through food and clothes. And I saw many chains as well. And he said to me, “these are chains of addiction that has kept many people in sexual bondage.”

Some women were showering enchanted gifts to Pastors and were gradually changing their status.

“Tell my people to stay within the boundaries of my word. Let them not depart from them. Tell them to watch and pray. Let them be focused on me and this will help them avoid every distraction of the enemy.”

 BETTER TRUTH: – Believed it or not, accept it or not. Read this.  You can be in Deeper Life Bible Church and your life can still be shallow and deep in sin.

You cannot live a HOLY LIFE AND MISS HEAVEN.

Thanks for your attention


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